Jack Braha

Co-Director of marketing

Jack is a sophomore at Stern. He has still not decided which major to choose, as he has enjoyed almost all of the classes he has taken thus far. Born in Brooklyn, Jack has had an interest in real estate ever since his first visit to Manhattan as a kid when he would gaze at skyscrapers all day long. He has picked up most of his real estate knowledge by reading real estate articles in The Real Deal, Commercial Observer, and Wall Street Journal as well as attending SREG events. 

As Director of Marketing, Jack is constantly advertising and recruiting on behalf of the club to bring his passion for real estate to others. He also conducts outreach with speakers who can teach us about the diverse facets of the industry. 

Jack enjoys strolling around various neighborhoods in the city to get a grasp of the market and seeing which areas are trending in certain directions. When not working or studying, you can find Jack staring at the TV watching sporting events or walking in the city, listening to music and looking at properties. Always feel welcome to reach out to him.


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