Stern Real Estate Group is a NYU Stern undergraduate club that promotes real estate education, recruitment and professionalism. Many members have gone on to work for elite real estate firms around the world.

Our Mission

Stern Real Estate Group aims to foster a greater understanding of the real estate industry for students through professional resources, networking and mentorship.


Weekly Speakers

Every Monday, SREG hosts a real estate professional, typically an alumnus, to discuss his/her education, career experience and view of the market. Students also get the chance to speak directly with these real estate experts.


SREG hosts technical real estate workshops throughout the year, including but not limited to basic RE terminology and concepts, ARGUS training courses, and elementary to advanced Excel modeling classes.


Working with real estate developers and owners, we organize private site tours for our members to explore development projects.



SREG frequently organizes networking events of various sizes for students to begin building their networks. Our annual RE Alumni Mingle hosts over 120+ students & alumni while private, corporate events allow students to meet professionals in a more intimate setting.